Tuesday, August 24, 2010

recap of august

i have decided that this blog should not be just quotes--those are fun and all but i'm more creative than writing down what somebody else already said.

this is a brief recap of the month of august 2010-a very interesting month for me. . . here goes nothin
july 29th-my grandma goes into a coma
july 30th-my 2nd cousin arrives from colorado and we go see the movie SALT; we get out around midnight-my dad calls; grandma died at about 11ish
august 2nd-i help prep for maga's funeral
aug 4th-my birthday; we go to boondocks and bash each other around in go-carts and play laser tag and arcade games for 7 hours--but mostly go-carts
aug 6th; maga's viewing
aug 7th-maga's funeral; later (around 5) me, tal, eric, jared, and 'lil mic go cliff jumping then play night games
aug 12th? or 13th?-i get my first kiss from one of my very best friends-ya that was interesting...
-lost track of time-
aug23rd- school starts; yay.


fun in'it--so ya, thats all i can really manage to say right now--thnxluvuallbye

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