Thursday, October 21, 2010


This blog will also includes me ranting-and it will not always make sense
Good thing no one really reads this

holy crap; i don't want to have to deal with these boys, it is driving me insane-i think I'm actually losing it right now-it will probably go away soon, but HOLY CRAP--I SHOULDN'T HAVE OT DEAL WITH THIS--or my mother an rick or worrying about my dads job or what my brothers are getting into, where they are, what my friends want, who i have to be, who they want me to be--well, its not going to work-i am me, and they CANNOT change me. that's the way it is. i know i shouldn't worry about all this crap, but i do and i probably will for a long time-the only way i can think to stop caring is just to stop-but then i would have to stop feeling period... I'm to much of a naturally happy person to be kept down by this every day, but its there every time i come home; go tho school; am around most people in general-then what makes it worse is the people who try to tell my how they would handle it, or reference their problems and life and don't seem to get the fact that I DON'T REALLY CARE WHAT THEY'RE PROBLEMS IS AT THAT POINT IN TIME -when i am listening to you and trying to help you out, you can tell me all about it, and I'll be as supportive as i can and do anything you need for me to help you, but DON'T tell me about it when i'm mad and ranting-like now--now is just a good time to nod your head and listen THAT IS ALL!!!!

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